Tips on how to train the cat without jealousy


Like human cats do have different personalities inside as well as outside too. Most of the cats which are being grown in a home will feel jealous when the owner of it did not give time for the cat. This takes place mainly during the time of the newborn in the house.

To get the thing which your cat wants it will change into an aggressive one whether it is a favorite one for your cat or any other thing. The cats get jealous of newborn babies when they are not given attention by considering the child. There are some of the steps involved in changing the jealous behavior of the cat.

Many will doubt cat jealous of the new baby?

Cats get jealous when they feel they are getting excluded from the family members who once kept the cat on their hand for the whole day. When you pay more attention to the newborn in your home by not even considering the cat they get jealous.

Your pet will pay you more attention when you show more care about it. A sudden change in the schedule like delay in the feeding process may lead to a change in the behavior of your cat like jealousy. If the cat feels threatened by the other introduction of new animal, they may get tensed and the changes in the character of your cat may obtain.


The behavior of a jealous cat

Hissing, swatting, etc. are the major changes in the cat which express its jealousy. The jealous cat may also interfere with your items like when you are holding your baby or mobile or any other important things. They will sit on your lap and start to cuddle when you are cuddling with some other one that the cat doesn’t like. The cat will start to bite and scratch when things happening against it.

How to stop the behavior of jealous cats after childbirth?

The first thing that you have to keep in mind is finding the exact reason which id provoking this sort of behavior by your pet.

Give time for your pet and play some time with it.

Learn your cat with good things and train it to accept the situation that arises.

Training your cat in the right way will help you to behave your cat in a good way. Have a look at this article and make use of it to train your pet with full care.